Windows Phone 7.8 Update Log


Microsoft recently released the WP 7.8 update, this was the most awaited update after Mango. This isn’t a major update like mango, it is more like looking great after getting a Rs.1000 haircut but finally you are the same person. Yes, I am not too thrilled after getting the update as it is nothing but a cosmetic change. No new or great features, etc. from WP8 devices, all the users have got is the looks of it’s feature-rich brother. This is complete downslide.

The main reason as to why the WP8 upgrade was not given to the WP 7 users is still a speculation, even though MS officially did give us a reason. But checking out the low-end h/w for WP8 devices, it would surely run fine on a WP 7 device. Let’s forget about it.

So what are all the goodies packed in WP 7.8, here is the official detailed log from Microsoft. There are three updates to the complete Windows Phone 7.8 Package. Microsoft has documented the major update i.e. 7.10.8858.136(Windows Phone 7.8)

Update 7.10.8858.136 (direct log from

Start: Provides resizable small, medium and large Live Tiles so you can customise your Start experience in new ways.

Accent colours: Expands the number of available accent colours to 20.

Lock screen: Improves the lock screen experience with accidental wipe protection features and the Bing image of the day wallpaper.

Marketplace and Xbox: Expands Windows Phone Marketplace and Xbox support to new countries and regions.

Fonts: Enhances the Chinese font and improves the appearance of Arabic and other languages.

Other improvements: Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

This update is not available in all markets or for all phones.

A few undocumented changes which are included in the other updates that is 7.10.8783.12 and 7.10.8779.8 are

-Support for devices without physical camera buttons.

-Changes in default sync times for emails.

-Marketplace improvements.

You can visit for more details.



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